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Elektronische- und Anzeiger GmbH

-Company Profile-

Elektronische- und Anzeiger GmbH — ELAN — was founded in May 1972 in Wiesbaden Hessen, Germany, as a subsidary of International Aerospace Inc. based in USA.
This resulted from a wish expressed by the German Ministry of Defense (Bundesamt für Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung -BWB-) in Koblenz.

The main purpose was initially to establish in Germany a maintenance organization dedicated to the technical and logistic support of radio navigation equipment installed in a large number of aircrafts within the Federal Air Force. Technical surveys of ELAN's laboratories and of quality control structures, as well as economical audits conducted by the Services of the MOD, were concluded in January 1973 with the full qualification of ELAN as prime procurement source for Avionics. Correspondingly, BWB issued that same year a frame contract to ELAN for maintenance.

Progressively but in a relative short time, the company expanded to a full size facility involving development, production, procurement and maintenance as well as technical and logistic support. Since the beginning of the 80's the technical know-how of ELAN GmbH already covers the complete range of radio-navigation systems including airborne indicator, test equipment as well as simulator. It consistently developed to the engineering and the manufacture of operational equipment for the communication and navigation functions in airborne systems.

ELAN also entered ground support field while expanding in engineering lines of test equipment capable of both digital and analog testing and calibrating functions for flight panels of most aircrafts. Under a first development contract awarded by the German MOD (BWB), ELAN realized a new digital indicator (CDI) for the German-French Alpha Jet aircraft and enterprise development and engineering design in a European landing program named SETAC. This program is similar to the Microwave-Landing System, MLS. In this occasion ELAN launched a new digital concept: eliminate the need for external digital to analog converters.

This concept, now recognized by the international aeronautical community, has become the basis of a new instrument range generation, that accepts and directly interfaces with all digital signals in any format.

With the access to the Bundesverband der Deutschen Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie e.V. (BDLI), the German Aerospace Industries Association, the circle of ELAN graduated acquaintances increases. More important orders issued from Italian, French, Portuguese and British MOD have established the position and the reputation of ELAN.

Particularly significant for ELAN is the narrower cooperation with its Portuguese affiliate CINAVE, which as one of the leader of radio & navigation equipment for all different aircraft types on the Iberish Peninsula has operational relations with other European competent industries, that include Westland Helicopters, Racal, Thomson CSF and Lockheed.

As it results from several undergoing multinational discussions, its partnership with the Portuguese, the French, the British and the US industry may designate ELAN as a coordinator on the German territory for several logistic and offset programs.